About Us

We deliver world-class management for world-class clients

Founded in 2017 by renowned industry managers Stephen Harmon and James Prier, highly personalised service and strong industry contacts have enabled X Division to thrive in a competitive industry.

WHO WE ARE X Division is one of the most exciting talent agencies in the industry with a highly in-demand stable of actors based in Australia, the US, the UK and Canada.

WHAT WE DO Representing established performers from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, our actors are some of the hottest talent currently working globally. Being able to identify the ‘next big thing’ in the industry is one of the reasons X Division has been so successful.

Based in Sydney, with an additional office in Los Angeles, the agency is the only one of its kind in Australia given its unique access to US casting briefs, allowing for an extensive breadth of projects both in Australia and abroad.

We take pride in our carefully curated hand-picked roster, only selecting talent who are currently working or are from the best acting schools around Australia and the world.

Nurturing talent, developing career progression and sourcing the best possible projects, whilst actors engage in other activities to promote their influence in other areas, is top of mind for us.

HOW WE DELIVER We represent clients across all areas including film, television, theatre, public relations, social media, endorsements, speaking engagements, events, conventions and other opportunities. With more than 45 years’ experience in talent management and business, we have very strong and enviable industry connections.

Our network extends from coaches assisting with career development and training, through to Australian and international casting directors, television networks, film producers, international representation and other influential partners.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT What separates us from the rest is our highly personalised style. We only represent a small number of clients who we believe in. This close relationship allows us to work with and guide our people to help them achieve their goals, expertly character matching them for roles and suggesting projects we know will resonate.

We care, we believe and we deliver.